Whether you’re looking to make double letters in minor hockey, or wanting to get an edge over your buddies in a beer league, or even aspiring to make it to the pros, our products are designed to make you perform better.

Introducing the POWERFOOT performance insert – the latest in hockey skate technology.



The POWERFOOT insert is a unique hockey skate accessory that significantly improves skate fit, comfort and performance.

How does it work?

The POWERFOOT insert fills in the negative space in the skate toe cap on top of the toes. This stabilizes the toes, therefore enhancing foot stability, stride power and ultimately skate performance. Players of all ages and caliber – youth hockey players, old-time hockey players and elite player alike – are using and benefiting from this innovative hockey skate insert.

Performance never felt this good !

Join the thousands of hockey players from around the world that are using the POWERFOOT and maximizing their skate performance!

“I really, really like it! It gives me comfort and also stability. I feel like a stronger skater.” – Ruslan Fedotenko, NHL pro.

POWERFOOT in the News (on Roger’s Sportsnet)